Goblin Prince - 'Choirboys'

Spanish frontman introduces himself with this humble and progressive alt-pop debut

Bears In Hazenmore - 'Winter Air' ft. Megan Nash

Canadian outfit return with another sweeping and soaring indie-rock swoon, with nods to Bon Iver

ViVii - 'Love Love Love'

Swedish outfit preview their debut album with this warm and wistful indie-rock delight

SION - 'Old Pattern'

US producer takes his cues from Jamie xx for this warm and atmospheric new instrumental

These New Puritans - 'Inside The Rose'

British outfit preview their new studio album with this haunting yet uplifting new release

Struan - 'Awake'

US frontman brings a euphoric edge to his latest electro-pop anthem, with nods to The 1975

Pearls And Lazer - 'Bird City'

US outfit blend jazz and psych-rock to deliver this funk-filled new jam, taken from their next studio album

Rose Tiger - 'W.W.L.I'

French outfit bring the funk on this bold and vibrant indie-pop bopper, featuring on their new EP

Seafret - 'Loving You'

British duo return with a beautifully composed piano-led serenade, with hints of Coldplay

Franky - 'All Of The Boys'

Yorkshire-based frontwoman channels the glossy pop sound of Charli XCX for this uplifting new banger

Fil Bo Riva - 'L'impossibile'

German outfit serenade us with this blissful and heart-warming new swoon, with nods to Elbow

Helenor - 'Artifact'

US outfit bring the same wistful tones as Beck to their latest indie-rock groove

Alex O'Aiza - 'Money'

US frontman cracks out the crunching guitars for this stomping, blues-inspired indie-rock thumper

Ruthie - 'What Kind Of Woman'

British singer-songwriter introduces herself with this soaring Angel Olsen-inspired debut

Mind Cinema - 'The Beat Of The Heart'

Mexican outfit follow in the footsteps of Chvrches for this pulsing electro-pop groove

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