Deportees - 'Bright Eyes'

Swedish outfit introduce themselves with this bright and uplifting pop-rock debut

Slide - 'If You Say'

Swedish outfit preview their new EP with this bold and uplifting indie-rock belter

Sam Densmore - 'Damn The Consequences'

US frontman channels the blissful sound ogf R.E.M. for this mellowed indie-rock gem

Dunandunate - 'The Night After We Met'

US outfit blend a mixture of funk, jazz and classic rock for this fresh and upbeat instrumental release

Milo Hunter - 'Gigs Up'

Australian frontman brings the same psychedelic feel as MGMT to his latest chilled-out jam

Cayucas - 'Jessica WJ'

US outfit channel the light and airy sound of Vampire Weekend for this uplifting indie-pop delight

Hazlett - 'Fireworks'

Australian singer-songwriter brings the same uplifting energy as Lewis Capaldi on his latest pop-rock release

Noble Jacks - 'Lights Out'

British outfit preview their new album with this driven and anthemic new jam

Favor - 'Call My Name'

Danish frontman takes his cues from Passion Pit for this bright and uplifting electro-pop delight

Being Dead - 'Hot Car'

US outfit take influence from the retro sound of Jefferson Airplane for this rollicking psych-rock groove

Stillhound - 'Walk In The Park'

Scottish trio preview their new album with this bright and wistful electro-pop swoon, with hints of Toro Y Moi

Space Lungs - 'I'm Having That Dream Again'

US outfit take us on a psychedelic journey with their latest indie-rock belter, with hints of Tame Impala

Lydia Persaud - 'Let Me Show You'

Toronto-based frontwoman channels some serious soul for this warm and inviting neo-soul serenade

James Beau Barclay - 'There Is No Love'

London-based singer-songwriter brings the same woozy sound as Mac DeMarco to his latest laid-back release

Us Presidents - 'Our Eternal Sadness'

US outfit treat us to another woozy indie-rock wonder, with nods to Real Estate

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