Taylor Carson - 'Josephine'

US singer-songwriter returns with this grand and bold Ryan Adams-inspired swoon

Liz Asaro - 'Alien'

US frontwoman returns with another bold and powerful electro-pop thumper, with hints of Charli XCX

Luna Gala - 'Only You'

Chicago-based outfit take us on a strange and warped journey with this moving psych-rock delight

Novelties - 'Pillow Talk'

LA-based duo bring the same swooning and ambient sounds as FKA Twigs to this ethereal RnB-inspired swoon

Scotty Seed - 'Faust (I Can't Escape)'

US frontman takes his cues from Death Grips for this multi-genred floor-shaker

Cenzina - 'Airplane Mode'

Canadian frontwoman follows up her latest EP with this psychedelic RnB-inspired serenade, with nods to Kali Uchis

The Pierce Project - 'Cry Me A River'

US outfit channel the influences of the 60s psych-rock era for this retro-sounding new jam

Monica Riskey - 'In Uh Breeze'

US frontwoman keeps it subtle for this swelling yet minimal RnB-inspired groove

Bullhead*ded - 'Owl Cries' ft. 2MEX & Chela Lujan

US rapper brings a fresh perspective to the 90s hip-hop sound with this powerful new flow

Mouse - 'Escape'

Bristol-based frontwoman takes her high-energy cues from Charli XCX for this thumping electro-pop belter

Satyr Play - 'Bang Average'

British outfit bring the same vibe as The Strokes to their latest loveable indie-pop romp

Catch Prichard - 'Going Crazy'

US frontman previews his next EP with this slow and brooding Tom Waits-inspired croon

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