Guster - 'Hard Times'

US outfit channel the warped sound of Broken Bells on this engaging indie-pop delight

Charles Edison - 'My Mother'

British frontman gets personal on this Loyle Carner-inspired beat

Hollowlove - 'Serpentine'

Canadian outfit take aim at the President of their neighbours on this sultry electro-pop groove

Luna - 'Immortalise'

British frontwoman captures the spirit of the future-pop genre with this atmospheric new release

Friday Night Plans - 'Happy Birthday'

Toyko-based frontwoman adds a strong electronic edge to her latest RnB-inspired stomper

Kyson - 'Every High'

Australian frontman takes his cues from Alt-J on this sweeping and humbled ballad

Oh800 - 'I Want You Around'

British outfit channel the spirit of LCD Soundsystem on this pulsing, electronic jam

Falcon Jane - 'Ginger Ale'

Canadian singer-songwriter keeps it chilled on this swooning, Courtney Barnett-inspired groove

Sonic Twin - 'Digital Love'

US outfit channel the post-punk sound with this brooding yet progressive synth-pop single

Foxhole - 'Noble Scales'

US outfit preview their first album in 12 years with this post-rock stomper, with nods to Mogwai

Peter Kuli & Still Haze - 'Potion'

US duo collaborate on this smooth and sensual RnB-inspired jam

Nesmith. - 'Reach'

US frontman introduces himself with this soulful and groove-filled debut

Beauty School - 'Class Ring'

Chicago-based outfit preview their debut album with this uplifting indie-pop delight, with hints of Best Coast

Bloody Knees - 'Spinning'

British outfit get brooding with this grunge-inspired release, with nods to Nirvana

Little Brother Eli - 'Wait For You'

British outfit get their dancing shoes on with this funk-filled, disco-inspired romp

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