Sundaes - 'Love'

US frontman brings his gravelled vocals to this anthemic indie-pop ear worm

M'Lynn - 'Grounding'

US frontwoman shares a wonderfully soothing, piano-led ballad

The Gold Web - 'The Emperor'

US outfit bring the same glam rock influences as David Bowie to their new psychedelic single

Jason Nolan - 'Late Night City Hawks'

British frontman adds a touch of disco to his latest funk-filled release

VedeTT - 'Get Off The Road'

French frontman delivers a post-rock anthem in the guise of Mogwai and King Krule

1955 - 'Glory Days'

US indie-rock outfit channel the original Arctic Monkeys vibe for this toe-tapping new single

Ditches - 'Fear Shifter'

US outfit unveil a lo-fi, fuzzy release with nods to Mac DeMarco and Sonic Youth

Le Roi Angus - 'La Wax'

French outfit share a wonderfully catchy toe-tapper with a solid disco vibe

Froppo - 'Shadows'

US producer blends 80s electro-pop with a modern direction on his latest work

Tha Third I - 'Foggy'

US hip-hop outfit return with another retro sounding beat and white-hot lyrics

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