Sampa The Great - 'Final Form'

Zambia-born frontwoman returns with this bold and catchy soul-infused hip-hop jam

Childcare - 'Sugarcane'

British outfit preview their new album with this pulsing and groove-laden indie-rock gem

Ben Zaidi - 'When I Was Alone'

US frontman showcase his new album with this broad and diverse alt-pop groove

Conrad Clifton - 'Colours'

US producer takes his cues from Bonobo for this galloping and enticing electronic beat

The Kickdrums - 'An Afternoon Dream'

US outfit take influence from Pink Floyd for this swooning and psychedelic new release

Goldroom - 'You're Incredible' ft. Mereki

US producer showcases his flair for warm and inviting compositions with this soothing new cut

Thomas Keating - 'Toward The Cause'

Australian frontman brings the same sweeping sound as The War On Drugs to his latest indie-rock gem

Jeremy Hunter - 'Garden Of Eden'

Australian frontman previews his debut album with this soaring, The National-inspired serenade

Vandelux - 'Feel Good'

Canadian producer takes his cues from Chvrches for this dark and pulsing electro-pop thumper

Colourshop - 'Let Me Show You How'

British singer-songwriter follows in the footsteps of Ben Howard for this sweeping acoustic-led swoon

KEØMA - 'Young'

Berlin-based duo get us ready for summer with this fresh and vibrant indie-pop delight

Lily Frost - 'Cruel World'

Canadian frontman blends post-punk with 60s psychedelica for this pulsing new jam

Edward Sansom - 'Can't Fight Them All'

British frontman returns with a bold and anthemic pop-rock belter, with hints of Miles Kane

Glenda - 'Tokyo Lucky Hole'

Swedish outfit take their cues from Sonic Youth for this driven alt-rock anthem

Balloon Animal - 'Janie Breathes Helium'

New York-based outfit take influence from Pixies for this galloping alt-rock stomper

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