Maeve - 'Martyr'

Cayman Islands-based frontwoman channels the brooding sound of Lorde on her latest release

The Silver Bayonets - 'Sour'

British outfit deliver a wonderfully anthemic indie-rock stormer, with nods to Manic Street Preachers

Tiger Darrow - 'American Dreamer'

US frontwoman takes on the ethereal side of Lorde for her latest spellbinding release

Late Night Episode - 'Start Over'

US outfit take inspiration from The 1975 on this loveable indie-pop jam

Graalum - 'Room With A View Without Windows'

Norwegian outfit follow in the footsteps of Teenage Fanclub with this shoegazy indie-rock release

The Split Seconds - 'Impulsive Automatic'

Washington DC-based outfit get raucous on this classically punk-filled stomper

Emby Alexander - 'Sunlight (In The Back Of Your Head)'

US outfit take their psych-pop cues from Super Furry Animals on this soothing new jam

Karmic - 'Warriors'

US outfit bring out the bold production on this thunderous electro-pop release, with nods to Imagine Dragons

Thacker - 'From The Hands Of Angels'

US singer-songwriter keeps it fresh with this soaring, brass-filled indie-pop serenade

Marie Dahlstrøm - 'Bring Me Back'

British frontowman previews her new EP with this house-inspired, electro-pop banger

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