Ventura - 'Void'

Swiss outfit channel the thunderous sound of Royal Blood for their latest alt-rock stomper

Basement Revolver - 'Wax & Digital'

Canadian outfit showcase their new EP with this warm and fuzzy shoegaze release

Sons Of Luther - 'No Pain'

US outfit take influence from Fontaines DC for this thunderous and rumbling punk belter

The Lost Hours - 'Lonely Love'

British singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and inviting acoustic-led jam

Jaialai - 'Sunshine'

US outfit get woozy for this atmospheric and psychedelic new single, with nods to The Jesus And Mary Chain

D'Ubervillle - 'Steel'

Australian frontwoman takes her cues from Gabriella Cilmi for this sweet and uplifting pop-rock stunner

Midriff - 'Old New'

New Orleans-based outfit preview their debut album with this high-paced and psychedelic indie-rock gem

Some Strange Kaleidoscope - 'Patina Screamer'

US outfit take their cues from King Gizzard for this pulsing and energetic psych-rock belter

Daniella Mason - 'Woman Lover Powerful'

US frontwoman unleashes a powerful and thunderous alt-pop stomper, with shades of Tune-Yards

Patawawa - 'That Guy'

British outfit crack out the killer basslines for this disco-inspired, indie-pop delight

Moss Kena - 'You And Me'

British frontman takes his cues from Sam Smith with this sultry and soulful new swoon

Satyr Play - 'Second Hand Emotion'

British outfit pay homage to the post-punk era with this fresh and vibrant indie-rock stomper, with nods to Cage The Elephant

Skott - 'Bloodhound'

Swedish frontwoman returns with another bold and vibrant electro-pop belter

Living Hour - 'Most'

Canadian outfit follow up their recent album with this breezy, shoegaze-inspired swoon

Lady Clementine's Fantastic Party - 'Your Hand In Mine'

Atlanta-based frontwoman takes her cues from Bat For Lashes with this light and atmospheric alt-pop croon

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