Midnight Divide - 'Let It Be Known'

US outfit unleash a powerful and bold indie-rock anthem, with hints of Imagine Dragons

LACES - 'Someday Is Not Tonight'

US frontwoman showcases her future-pop creds with this bold and ambitious new single

Duets And Stuff - 'Already Gone'

Swedish duo return with another wonderfully bliss dream-pop release, with nods to Beach House

Shy Shy Shy - 'Sober'

Danish duo return with this uplifting blend of RnB and electro-pop, for fans of Niki & The Dove

Hot Collars - 'Good Fun'

British outfit keep our toes tapping with this energetic indie-pop delight

Soham De - 'Forest'

British singer-songwriter showcases his wonderful voice on this soft yet moving serenade

Toledo - 'Hot Stuff'

US duo preview their forthcoming debut EP with this soaring folk-pop swoon

Arkells - 'American Screams'

Canadian outfit preview their new album with this catchy indie-pop toe-tapper, with nods to The Killers

Bria Lee - 'One Shot' ft. Fat Joe

US frontwoman channels the soulfoul sound of Amy Winehouse with this hip-hop-inspired thumper

JØUR - 'Cut'

US frontwoman returns with another swooning yet progressive electro-pop groove

Fevra - 'Nova Flexin'' ft. KEI-LI & D. Hart

Canadian frontman takes his electro-funk cues from Anderson .Paak on this warped new release

Hussy - 'Slayer'

British fromtwoman follows in the footsteps of Sonic Youth with this woozy yet forceful shoegaze jam

Uncle Wellington - 'Orange Walk'

Belgian outfit return with another brooding yet euphoric indie-rock swoon, with nods to The Kills

Lee The Myth - 'Head Scream'

US rapper brings the same high-octane flow as Childish Gambino to his latest hip-hop thumper

New Body Electric - 'Summer's Over'

US outfit channel the wistful indie-pop sound of Phoenix on this smooth and laid-back groove

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