Girl As Wave - 'Setting Sun'

US outfit bring the same pulsing groove as Courtney Barnett to their latest indie-rock jam

KIRVESS - 'Killin' Time'

British artist introduces herself with this bold and vibrant dark-pop debut

Axel Thesleff - '2 Down'

Finnish producer brings the same diverse sound as Sigur Rós to his latest euphoric single

Amnita - 'Give It Up'

Canadian outfit take their cues from The War On Drugs with this bright and sweeping indie-pop delight

Guteren - 'Lanterns' ft. Jordan Furr

US outfit deliver a wonderfully bright and dreamy indie-rock groove, with hints of The National

Cutterz & EVABEE - 'Latchi'

Manchester-based outfit take influence from Kali Uchis on this bold and pulsing RnB-inspired groove

Cam Be - 'Cookin'' ft. Peter Jericho

US rapper takes his cues from Jurassic 5 with this smooth and groove-filled hip-hop jam

Fiona Brown - 'My Void'

Belgian frontwoman takes influence from St. Vincent with this dark and brooding alt-pop stunner

Frankie Tillo - 'Beautiful Day'

US frontman cracks out the killer basslines for this smooth and danceable post-punk jam

Alfie Templeman - 'Wait, I Lied'

British frontman delivers a live rendition of his latest fun and funk-filled new release

Kaya Stewart - 'Why I Wake Up'

British frontwoman showcases her new EP with this bold and sweeping RnB-inspired groove

Aaron Joseph Russo - 'Real'

Australian frontman follows in the footsteps of MGMT on this smooth and enticing psych-pop gem

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