ViVii - 'And Tragic'

Swedish outfit preview their debut album with this calm and wistful new swoon

Little Birds - 'Little Bird'

Swedish outfit follow up their debut release with this heartfelt and soaring indie-pop delight

Andy Suzuki & The Method - 'Old Lady'

New York-based outfit channel the vibe of The Black Keys for this thunderous blues-rock groove

AYU - 'Another Mess, I'

Swiss frontwoman brings the same brooding energy as Portishead to her latest lo-fi groove

Eric Pedigo - 'Don't Keep Me Waiting'

US singer-songwriter keeps it chilled for this warm and wistful, acoustic-led serenade

Hot Dreams - 'Stronger'

London-based outfit bring the same thunderous energy as Sundara Karma to their latest indie-rock romp

Matt Nathanson - 'Used To Be'

US frontman keeps us dreaming of summer with this uplifting and euphoric pop-rock ballad

Gabriella Rose - 'Welcome To The Dollhouse'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Lana Del Rey for this heartfelt yet pulsing swoon

Lyrah - 'Down Low'

US frontwoman follows up her debut single with this stomping and uplifting pop-rock thumper

Elephantides - 'The'

Italian outfit channel the experimental nature of Battles with this bold and exciting new release

Cathedrals - 'Just A Game'

US outfit bring the same dark and pulsing energy as The xx to their latest expansive stomper

John Zhang - 'No More Time'

US frontman invites some bold electronics into his laid-back, acoustic-led sound on his latest single

Kye Alfred Hillig - 'Stanley & Seafort's'

US singer-songwriter gets wistful on this romantically-charged new swoon, with hints of Father John Misty

Mild Surprise - 'On The Western Shores'

US producer adds a psychedelic edge to his lo-fi, minimal sound to create a soothing and broad new release

Sarah May - 'Because I Turned You Down'

London-based frontwoman brings a thunderous techno aesthetic to her latest pop thumper, with nods to Robyn

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