Gatlin Elms - 'Please'

US frontman takes his cues from The National for this dark and brooding indie-rock gem

La Bouquet - 'Sad People Dancing'

LA-based outfit bring the same euphoric energy as The 1975 to their latest pop-rock groove

Jumanji - 'Houdini'

Brighton-based outfit return with another gloriously upbeat indie-pop delight, with hints of Haim

Giungia - 'In My Head'

Italian frontwoman brings some energy and exuberance to her latest electro-pop stomper

Hey Baby! - 'Unconventional'

Australian outfit channel the same lo-fi pop-punk sound as Sløtface for this energetic new banger

Comfort Club - 'Better Than Me'

US frontman cracks out the killer licks for this smooth and sultry blues-rock swoon

Sense - 'All Mine'

French outfit showcase their latest EP with this bold and vibrant electro-pop stomper

Cherryade - 'Shout Loud'

British duo take their fist-pumping cues from Charli XCX for this pounding pop belter

Wide Eyed Boy - 'Sun Again'

British outfit bring the same energy as The Courteeners to their latest indie-rock jam

AshleyBGA - 'Pink Coats' ft. Chud Music

US rapper unleashes some pulsing bass for this pounding and progressive hip-hop thumper

Mags On Earth - 'Tulip Rose'

Swedish frontwoman channels the ethereal nature of Lana Del Rey for this soft and swooning serenade

Jeremie Whistler - 'Take Shelter'

French producer previews his new album with this wistful and atmospheric new release, with nods to James Blake

MCRAE - 'Postapocalipstick'

British outfit blend classic post-punk with a contemporary indie sound on their latest belter

Mating Ritual - 'Falling Back'

US duo preview their new album with this soaring indie-rock groove, with hints of The War On Drugs

SIAS - 'Heirloom'

US producer returns after two year break with a wonderfully warm and ethereal electronic thumper

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