Franz Matthews & Local Suicide - 'Meditation'

Berlin-based trio blend post-punk intentions with a techno aesthetic on this pulsing new release

Betty Moon - 'Save My Soul'

US frontwoman returns with another bold and expansive electro-pop belter, with nods to Tove Lo

Equanimous & Momentology - 'Steady' ft. Kalia Weaver

US producer brings a soft and ethereal edge to the trap sound on his latest single

Shee - 'Beautiful'

US frontwoman showcases her debut EP with this heartfelt and emotional ballad, with nods to Lorde

Neak - 'Legacy'

US rapper channels the powerful flow of Nas for this thunderous hip-hop jam

Diamond Ortiz - 'Virgo Baby'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Prince for this groove-filled electro-funk banger

Aerborn - 'In A Phase'

Australian frontwoman takes her future-pop cues from Sigrid for this bold and fresh electro-pop belter

Perspex - 'Jesus On The Valium'

British outfit bring that classic post-punk sound to a modern sound of this LCD Soundsystem-inspired stomper

MONATOMIC - 'They're Playing My Song'

Australian outfit channel the euphoric sound of The Killers on this anthemic pop-rock thumper

Langva - 'Lightsaber'

Norwegian outfit bring that same woozy psych-rock sound as Tame Impala to their latest single

The Wild State - 'Youth'

Brighton-based outfit take their cues from The National for this broad and warm indie-rock swoon

Black Cats & Magpies - 'Better Days'

Midlands-based outfit deliver a strong and uplifting indie-pop gem, with nods to Catfish & The Bottlemen

Seekay - 'Hurts'

Australian frontwoman shares another beautifully warped alt-pop thumper, with hints of Lorde

Lo Lo - 'Sweater Collection'

Toronto-based frontwoman brings the same high-energy sound as Charli XCX to this vibrant pop release

SK Shlomo - 'The Future'

British producer returns with another bold and warped electronic thumper, taken from his upcoming debut album

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