Sylo - 'Ginny'

Canadian frontman channels some serious soul with this smooth and sombre RnB cut

Tourists - 'Smokescreen'

British outfit preview their new album with this fast-paced and gloomy shoegaze gem, with hints of The Cure

PAV4N - 'Karma'

Former Foreign Beggars frontman delivers the fire on this brash and thunderous hip-hop stomper

Nicole Atkins - 'Domino'

US frontwoman showcases her new album with this smooth and pulsing alt-pop groove, with hints of Funkadelic

SEATBELTS - 'Superstardom'

British outfit take their cues from Pavement with this fresh and pulsing indie-rock delight

Tanzos - 'The Same Direction'

Austrian frontman cracks out the killer riffs for this bold and pounding pop-rock belter

Just Drive - 'SFTW (Something For The Weekend)'

British outfit take influence from The Black Keys with this raw and bouncing blues-rock-inspired stomper

Lunar Bird - 'A Walk'

British outfit follow in the footsteps of Beach House with this soft and soaring dream-pop release

Shaima - 'Green Eyes'

British frontwoman blends alt-pop aesthetics with a hip-hop beat on this stomping new single

LoveLeo - 'Rosie'

LA-based frontman follows up his debut single with this smooth and laid-back indie-pop gem

AJIMAL - 'It's Real'

British frontman serenades us with this warm and wistful piano-led serenade, with hints of ANOHNI

Hannah Georgas - 'That Emotion'

Canadian frontwoman takes her cues from Soccer Mommy with this smooth and breezy indie-rock jam

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