Sunshine Brothers Inc. - 'In Your Dreams'

US outfit bring the summertime funk on this groove-filled new release

J.J. Leone - 'Silver Lining'

British singer-songwriter gets percussive on this swooning new release

LUCAS - 'Anne-Marie'

British outfit channel some BRMC on this raucous indie-rock stomper

Dash Hammerstein - 'Oh Melania'

US frontwoman takes us on a swoonful journey on this humble, acoustic-led ballad

Uncanny Valley Girls - 'We Ride Bikes'

London-based outfit get us ready for summer with this laid-back, indie-pop swoon

Elroy - 'The Highest Tree'

New Zealand frontman previews his new album with this psychedelic ode to the Tame Impala sound

FETES - 'Waiting For You'

Australian frontman gets anthemic with this uplifting indie-rock stomper

Animal House - 'No Mamma'

Australian outfit deliver an upbeat and catchy indie-rock stomper, with nods to Waaves and FIDLAR

ORKID - 'So Rude'

Swedish frontwoman stakes her claim on this bold and vibrant electro-pop banger

XamVolo - 'A Damn Fine Spectacle'

London-based producer returns with another smooth and groove-filled swoon

I Know You Know - 'The Rules Of Attraction'

Australian outfit channel the DIY-sound of The Cribs on this indie-rock stomper

The Rare Occasions - 'Physics'

US outfit unleash some thunderous guitars on this Arctic Monkeys-inspired anthem

The Avalon Hi-Fi - 'She (The Silver, The Summer)'

US outfit channel some 80s electro-pop production on this retro-feeling release

No Dry County - 'Elvis Gun Runner'

US outfit deliver some classic Americana on this stomping indie-rock single

Lillian Frances - 'Phone Keys Wallet'

US producer explores some diverse production on her latest electro-pop stomper

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