Malunga - 'Never Let Go'

London-based frontwoman experiments with the future-pop sound with this soul-filled jam

Simon XO - 'My Love'

US frontman returns with a intense slice of power-pop with a political edge

Lenny Zenith - 'Trouble'

US frontman returns with another energetic garage-rock jam, with hints of The Libertines

L'FREAQ - 'Moonlight'

US frontman channels the alt-pop sound of Grimes on this pulsing electro-pop thumper

Sabrina Starke - 'Live & Learn'

Dutch frontwoman takes her cues from Alessia Cara on this swooning and soulful cut

Superego - 'Sleep'

British outfit get grisly on this fuzz-filled, post-rock-inspired jam

Scott Lavene - 'Hollywood'

British frontman channels the spirits of Elvis Costello and Frank Turner on his latest soulful croon

Luca Chesney - 'Revolver'

US frontwoman takes on the future-pop sound with gusto on this pulsing new release

Bakermat - 'Do Your Thing'

Dutch producer gets us ready for summer with this carnival-inspired new anthem

Freyr Flodgren - 'Over My Head'

Swedish singer-songwriter takes his wistful cues from Damien Rice on this humble serenade

WYRES - 'Grenades'

Swedish duo unveil an uplifting and lovebale indie-pop release, in the guise of MGMT

Aeroplane - 'Body' ft. Yves Paquet

Belgian producer returns with another euphoric and beach-ready summer anthem

Avantist - 'This_Could_Be_It'

US outfit channel the explosive sound of Refused and At The Drive In on this raucous new release

Joe P. The MC - 'Fear'

US MC delivers a captivating flow on his latest single, with hints of A Tribe Called Quest

Mi Von AHn - 'Childish Games'

Swedish frontwoman takes influence from the power-pop sound of Stevie Nicks on this uplifting new swoon

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