Flavio Jerome - 'House Of Cards'

Belgian singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful piano-led swoon

Youth - 'Haunted'

French frontman returns with another bold and atmospheric electro-pop jam, with shades of Years & Years

Genuine Panama - 'Elephant Carpets'

British outfit blend funk and soul with an indie-pop direction for this groove-filled new release

Capitano - 'When I Dance'

German frontman takes inspiration from James Blake with this soft and sensual new single

Press Club - 'Thinking About You'

Australian outfit return with another grizzled and punk-inspired belter, with nods to Interpol

Props - 'You Don't Care'

British outfit follow in the footsteps of Superorganism with this warped and wild psych-pop jam

Anna Wolf - 'Silence'

South African frontwoman takes influence from Christine & The Queens for this bold and exciting alt-pop stomper

Mantra Love - 'XO'

US outfit blend the kinetic indie sound of The Strokes with a psych-rock direction on their latest single

ClemonsAndCo - 'Who U Love'

US frontman brings the same ethereal RnB sound as Frank Ocean to his latest laid-back cut

Mabes - 'America'

Nashville-based singer-songwriter returns with another broad and sweeping acoustic-led swoon

Saeyers - 'You'

US outfit channel the sweeping dream-pop sound of Wild Nothing for this luxurious new release

Of Monsters & Men - 'Alligator'

Icelandic outfit preview their next album with this bold and anthemic indie-pop stomper

Sicayda - 'Go On'

Toronto-based outfit preview their next EP with this thunderous, shoegaze-inspired romp

Bob Oxblood - 'Trash Mansion'

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful pop-rock ballad

Glenneyre - 'Dumpster Diver'

LA-based outfit introduce themselves with this bold and brash, Sonic Youth-inspired thumper

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