thomTide - 'albatrossAlbatross'

US producer follows in the footsteps of Thundercat with this warm and warped RnB-inspired gem

Yaron Kaver - 'Here's What I Know Now'

Israeli singer-songwriter previews his new album with this warm and shimmering folk-pop gem

Jarle Skavhellen - '20 Fathoms Deep'

Norwegian singer-songwriter showcases his new album with this light and uplifting alt-pop stunner

Far West - 'Back Together'

US outfit take their cues from The 1975 with bright and upbeat pop-rock belter

Hockeysmith - 'Down Love'

British frontwoman delivers a wonderfully rich and diverse alt-pop stomper, with shades of Billie Eilish

D. Knott - 'Brown Skin'

US artist channels a bold and diverse sound for this bold and pumping RnB-inspired groove

Loudmouf - 'Push The Gas'

US rapper brings some serious energy to this hard and pounding hip-hop stomper

Erika Wester - 'Nightingale'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Soccer Mommy with this warm and wistful new release

Joel Stanton - 'Pay Me Please'

US frontman brings the same vibrant sound as Hot Chip to his latest synth-pop gem

Ali Coyle - 'On My Way Again'

US singer-songwriter channels a bold and galloping direction for this enticing blues-rock-inspired groove

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