Partial Traces - 'Placeless'

US indie-rock outfit channel the folk-influences of Fleet Foxes for this galloping new release

CDAD - 'You = #1'

Australian producer takes us on a soul-inspired trip with his latest release

Shelita Burke - 'Drive'

US singer brings the diverse production of Lorde to her latest ethereal banger

Nina Luna - 'Hope Run Wild'

US frontwoman delivers a epic-sounding release with hints of soul and gospel

Bayou - 'Dream'

British producer brings together a whole range of influences from jazz to hip-hop for this new laid-back cut

verday la negrita x neon june - 'spaceships'

US collaborators unveil a jazz-inspired soul cut with nods to The Isley Brothers

Jacob Quint - 'Run Away'

US frontman cracks out the wobble-pedal for this funk-inspired stomper

Makeout Point - 'Indie Girlfriend'

Swedish indie outfit share a personal story with some perky and upbeat production

TEGA - 'Melanin'

US frontman takes his cues from the classic soul singers of the 1970s for his latest retro release

The Violet Whispers - 'Victim'

Australian producer brings a rocking and raucous sound to his latest single with hints of Tom Vek

Bugeye - 'Wake Up'

British punk trio channel the sound of Le Tigre on their latest single

Caylon - 'Zenosyne Affinity'

British rock outfit blend the funk of Jimi Hendrix with the showmanship of Queen on their latest release

Ailbhe Reddy - 'The Tube'

Irish singer-songwriter somehow makes public transport romantic with her latest single

JOPLYN - 'Too Close'

German electro-pop outfit channel the ethereal sounds of Banks for this brooding new single

Emily Afton - 'Lost'

US frontwoman brings a progressive edge to this slow-burning electro-pop release

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