The Institute of Flyer Learning - 'Self-Titled'

US outfit deliver the funk on this uplifting and toe-tapping new release

Tablefox - 'Under A Broken Smile'

New Zealand outfit return with another powerfully energetic indie-rock release

Daniel Avery - 'Slow Fade'

British producer previews his new album with this lo-fi techno stomper

ADaD//Tensei - 'Danger Us'

US duo deliver a powerfully soulful hip-hop record, with nods to Massive Attack

Conversing With Oceans - 'What If'

US frontman returns with his ambient-rock project with another soothing banger

No Alarms - 'Right Is What's Left'

US outfit deliver a truly anthemic indie-rock release, with nods to the indie-disco days

Cinderpop - 'Saline'

Vancouver-based outfit return after a five-year break with this joyous indie-rock jam

DGTL CLR - 'Walk Away'

US duo share a cool and tranquil electro-pop jam, with hints of Chromeo

CARDS - 'Cold'

US outfit blend shoegaze atmospheric with a modern twist on this groove-filled release

The Ramona Flowers - 'Same Sun'

British outfit return with another epic-sounding electro-pop rhythm

Albin Lee Meldau - 'The Weight Is Gone'

Swedish singer-songwriter channels some serious soul on this toe-tapping new single

BLYNE - 'Waste Time' ft. James Chatburn

German channel channel the ethereal wonder of James Blake on their latest release

NASAYA - 'Orange' (feat. Cehryl)

Madagascan producer brings the same hip-hop influence as Kaytranada to his latest groove-filled cut

Saux - 'Trying To Remember'

Dutch producer returns with another smooth and soothing laid-back jam

Riah - 'Prom'

US frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Charli XCX on this bold pop release

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