Birdbath - 'Bad Champagne'

US outfit take influence from Empire Of The Sun with this bright and vibrant electro-pop groove

Lillith - 'Beautiful Dreamers'

Norwegian outfit preview their new album with this dark and pulsing indie-rock gem, with hints of The Dead Weather

Yip Roc - 'Zubra'

Amsterdam-based outfit preview their debut album with this fast and frantic garage-punk stomper

Lover - 'Waiting Up'

Australian producer unveils a smooth and heartfelt slice of electro-pop, with hints of How To Dress Well

Kavanagh - 'Mother Mary'

Brighton-based outfit crack out the killer riffs for this fast and energetic post-punk-inspired belter

The Dirty Projekt - 'Choppy Lips'

German outfit return with this bold and enticing Garbage-inspired alt-rock belter

The Lylacs - 'Imitation Of Love'

US outfit take influence from Beach House with this smooth and breezy dream-pop gem

I Am Korny - 'Sleep Ain't Paying My Dues'

German frontman brings the same pounding rhythm as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to this riff-tastic new jam

Easy Jane - 'Plan B'

Belgian outfit showcase their debut album with this fast and frantic alt-rock stomper

Surya - 'Any Given Sunday'

British producer channels the sultry vibes of Kali Uchis for this pulsing RnB-inspired groove

Charmless I - 'Superhero'

Dutch outfit return with another fresh and vibrant, Britpop-inspired stomper, with hints of The Charlatans

Aboriginals - 'Back Of The Line'

British outfit bring the same thunderous energy as Drenge to their latest alt-rock thumper

The Starlings - 'My Town'

Belgian outfit channel the glittery sound of Oh Wonder for this smooth and blissful new delight

DAGNY - 'Come Over'

Norwegian frontwoman previews her debut album with this bold and pulsing alt-pop stunner

Jupitermoon - 'The Reason'

British outfit take their cues from The Amazons with this euphoric and atmospheric alt-rock stomper

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