Mungbean - 'Wednesday'

US outfit deliver a bright and sunshine-filled electro-pop jam, with hints of The 1975

TESHA - 'Dreams'

Israeli frontwoman channels the experimental sound of Bjork on her latest single

Scarypoolparty - '10 Years'

US singer-songwriter previews his next EP with this Sam Smith-inspired serenade

Sneaky Little Devil - 'In And Out Of Love'

LA-based husband and wife duo get woozing on this synth-happy, psychedelic groove

Tall Blonde - 'Wonderful'

Swedish singer-songwriter channels a young Damon Albarn on his latest indie-pop release

The Unlikely Candidates - 'Oh My Dear Lord'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of AWOLNATION on this anthemic, indie-rock cut

Neena - 'Last Call'

Polish frontwoman previews her debut album with this stomping electro-pop release

Shyland Flowers - 'For The Wire'

US MC pays a homage to old school Kanye on his latest flow

Camarano - 'Mortal Man'

Australian producer returns with another larger-than-life, dream-pop production

Diā - 'Valentine'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Lana Del Rey on her latest serenade

Seawaves - 'Her'

British frontman delivers a wonderfully upbeat electro-pop cut, with hints of Passion Pit

Seattle Fix - 'Stone'

Australian duo get anthemic on this atmospheric post-rock release

Maria Usbeck - 'Bosque De Bambú'

Ecuadorian frontwoman follows up her debut album with this spritely electro-pop swoon

Bad Honey - 'Motions'

British duo mix brooding electronics with an anthemic pop angle on their latest groove-filled release

Slow Skies - 'Dancing'

Irish frontwoman takes us on an uplifting journey with her latest acoustic-led release

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