Volunteer - 'Money'

US frontman delivers a ball-busting indie-rock anthem, with massive production

Cavern Company - 'Body Language'

US outfit deliver a wonderfully quiant indie-pop single, with hints of The Xcerts

Mr Gabriel - 'Tambourine'

US duo return with another glittery pop-rock toe-tapper

KATIS - 'Promises'

British frontwoman takes on an almost Stevie Nicks direction on this galloping new jam

Sam York - 'Safety In Numbers'

British frontman previews his new EP with this euphoric serenade

The Fin. - 'Shedding'

Japanese outfit unveil a bold and ambitious electro-pop jam, with nods to Little Dragon

Avantist - 'Red Bible' (feat. Adrián Terrazas-Gonzáles)

US outfit team up with The Mars Volta sax-man on this energetic alt-rock release

That Gum U Like - 'Biography'

Brazilian duo return with another dreamlike cut, with nods to Chvrches

Byakko Bast - 'Low Level Flight'

Argentinian producer channels the trip-hop sound with this progressive new beat

Dig Exotic - 'Perfect'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Goldfrapp on this pulsing electro-pop stomper

Camarano - 'Food For The Worms'

Australian singer-songwriter caps off his latest EP with this haunting yet uplifting serenade

Fabian - 'See U Can' ft. Alma Estate

Austrian producer channels the warped, progressive sound of Mura Masa on their latest composition

Des Rocs - 'HVY MTL DRMR'

US outfit introduce themselves with this anthemic electro-rock debut

I Am Jake Ma - 'Stormy Weather'

US singer-songwriter previews his new EP with this energetic, lo-fi indie-rock jam

CätCät - 'Turquoise' ft. Bobbie

French producer transports us to a tropical paradise on this uplifting new cut

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