SOUR FACE - 'Paradise Ain't So Cheap'

LA-based outfit deliver a smooth and vibrant psych-pop gem, with hints of Glass Animals

Supine - 'Full Moon Cowboy'

British producer takes influence from MGMT with this smooth and sweeping psych-pop gem

La Dante - '2 Skeletons'

US frontman brings the same pulsing vibes as Tame Impala to his latest psych-pop groove

Harry Paradise - 'Physical Miracle'

US frontman follows in the footsteps of Phoenix with this bright and glossy indie-pop delight

Caswell - 'Distraction'

British frontwoman takes her cues from Låpsley with this bold and euphoric alt-pop belter

Sean Christopher - 'Indigo Blue'

Dutch singer-songwriter previews his new album with this sweet and vibrant acoustic-led groove

James Beau Barclay - 'Found Me'

British singer-songwriter previews his new EP with this fresh and uplifting indie-pop gem

Keith Mosfet - 'Oh Time'

Canadian frontman previews his new EP with this sprawling and uplifting psych-rock jam

Yellow Shoots - 'Wonderful Day'

US producer previews his new EP with this bold and abstract RnB-inspired groove

Speech & The Vagabond Family - 'Just Too Cold' ft. Rambo & Danny B.

US rapper channels a brass-filled aesthetic for this pounding and pulsing hip-hop jam

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