Life In A Tree - 'When You Know You Know'

US outfit channel the pop-rock sound of Paramore on this bubbly new thumper

Still Parade - 'Soon Enough'

German frontman follows in the footsteps of Mac DeMarco on this woozy, psychedelic release

The Bad Dreamers - 'California Winter'

LA-based outfit bring out the power pop on this The 1975-inspired jam

Stevie Zita - 'Moonlight Dancing'

Canadian frontman caps off the summer with this chilled and laid-back jam

Nana Adjoa - 'DOOA'

Dutch frontwoman previews her new EP with this RnB-come-electro-pop hybrid

Ascendant Apaulo - 'You'

US frontman takes us back to the simple melodies of 90s RnB with this groove-filled release

Scared By Samurai - 'Revel'

Canadian outfit introduce themselves with this psychedelic Unknown Mortal Orchestra-inspired debut

Ruby Grace - 'Lipgloss'

Belgian frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Grimes with this dark and brooding alt-pop thumper

Jesse Conrad - 'Crack My Code'

US frontman gets anthemic with this Shins-inspired indie-rock romp

Hox Loci - 'What I Need'

Australian outfit give us the feels on this uplifting and romantic indie-pop delight, with hints of The 1975

DD Walker - 'Do You Miss It'

US frontman returns with another lively and energetic indie-pop stomper

In The Shades - 'Time'

Swedish frontwoman takes her alt-pop cues from FKA Twigs on this progressive new release

Of The Valley - 'Grace'

Canadian frontman returns with another blissful serenade, with nods to Leonard Cohen

The Buoys - 'Arm Wrestle'

Australian outfit channel the grungy pace of Courtney Barnett on this alt-rock banger

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