Calling Blue Jay - 'Overflow'

London-based frontwoman serenades us with this soft and wistful swoon, lifted from her new album

Moonglow - 'Hurts Like Hell'

New York-based outfit bring the same energy as LCD Soundsystem to their latest indie-rock belter

M0RPHEUS - 'Hold' ft. Marie Dangerfield

Australian producer introduces himself with this smooth and vibrant Kaytranada-inspired swoon

Pheeyownah - 'Gold'

Swedish frontwoman channels the experimental nature of FKA twigs for this pulsing alt-pop groove

Jesse Hite - 'In Your Mind'

US frontman takes his cues from Everything Everything for this pulsing and swooning indie-pop groove

Dantesville - 'Bloomin' Flowers'

British outfit follow in the footsteps of Royal Blood for this riff-tastic alt-rock stomper

The Static Dive - 'Holy Ghost'

US outfit share a bold and sludgy trip-hop-inspired instrumental, with hints of Glass Animals

Galaa - 'Open Eyes'

Canadian outfit showcase their latest album with this beautiful warm and warped electro-pop swoon

Belle And The Beats - 'Qetesh'

Amsterdam-based outfit preview their next EP with this dark yet hypnotic electro-pop thumper

Howlin' Circus - 'Take It On'

Canadian outfit bring the same tenacity as Miles Kane to their latest blues-rock-inspired banger

Lyrah - 'Are You All Alone?'

US frontwoman channels the progressive sound of MØ for this captivating electro-pop groove

Simon Lewis - 'Hideaway'

Austrian frontman returns with another beautifully serene pop-rock delight, with hints of Coldplay

Hey Baby! - 'Something Awful'

Australian outfit return with another bold and brash pop-punk anthem, with nods to SWMRS

Romain Cupper - 'Locked In The House'

Belgian frontman takes his psychedelic cues from Animal Collective for this blissful and laid-back gem

HEZEN - 'Bring Your Alibi'

British frontwoman brings a sheer and thunderous electronic beat to her latest electro-pop single

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