Tucked In - 'Bite Your Tongue'

New York-based outfit bring the good time for this funk-filled indie-rock jam, with hints of Cage The Elephant

Anna Vogelzang - 'Icarus'

US singer-songwriter previews her upcoming album with this bold and uplifting folk-pop croon

ANIML - 'Feel's Like'

Vancouver-based producer brings the same ethereal wonder as Kaytranada to his latest warped release

Hayden Calnin - 'Warm With You'

Australian singer-songwriter previews his debut EP with this bold and uplifting acoustic-led groove

Leisure Club - 'Strange Times'

Canadian outfit return with another joyful and upbeat indie-rock jam, with nods to Tokyo Police Club

Bekki Hlava - 'Berry Wine'

British frontwoman takes influence from Solange for this wistful and ethereal RnB-inspired swoon

Ellbow - 'Because Of You'

US rapper brings the same laid-back vibe as Childish Gambino to his latest hip-hop flow

Wriddyl - 'Hypnotized'

US producer takes influence from Portishead for this bold and pulsing trip-hop release

Sail By Summer - 'Corner Kid'

Norwegian outfit return with this broad and anthemic post-punk-inspired belter, with nods to Bon Iver

Isserley - 'Crushing'

Australian outfit showcase their latest album with this dark and industrial stomper, with hints of Garbage

Roniit - 'Foreign Tongues'

US frontwoman adds her dark and ethereal tones to reimagine this wistful Crywolf belter

Kuhr - 'Brighter Days'

US frontman takes influence from Bruno Mars with this light and upbeat pop-rock delight

TWYN - 'Mercury'

Miami-based duo take us on a journey of wild, funk-filled experimentation with this Flying Lotus-inspired gem

Parker Bossley - 'Lonely Miracle'

Canadian frontman cracks out the killer riffs for this bold and vibrant pop-rock anthem

Willis Peak - 'Sweet Thing'

Australian frontman takes his cues from Vance Joy for this light and groove-filled new release

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