The Leers - 'Fool'

New Zealand outfit take inspiration from The Black Keys on this indie-rock thumper

Me Not You - 'Everafter'

US outfit channel the same electronic euphoria as Purity Ring on their latest release

LPX - 'Bolt In The Blue'

MS MR frontwoman previews her upcoming debut EP with this anthemic pop banger

Sure Sure - 'Giants'

US outfit bring some sunshine back into our lives with this catchy, sing-along release

Sam Renascent - 'Kobotama'

Belgian frontman channels his African roots with this cultral blend of tribal sounds and a modern pop production

Capitano - 'Gypsy On A Leash'

Canadian frontman follows up his debut single with this toe-tapping, pop-rock stomper

Tom Forest - 'Monster'

British frontman delivers a wonderfully bliss and soulful croon

Neverlander - 'Reptiles'

Former Swiss Lips frontman returns with a grizzly, electro-charged rock banger

Val James - 'Desire'

British frontman follows in the footsteps on David Byrne on this experimental pop cut

Daniel Champagne - 'All Of My Stars'

Australian singer-songwriter previews his latest album with this uplifting pop ditty

Atella - 'Alive'

Norwegian singer aims to follow in the footsteps of Sigrid to become the next big Scandinavian name

STITCH - 'Goodbye Highline'

British trio return with another captivating and anthemic electro-pop anthem

Denny White - 'Torn Up'

LA-based frontman brings some exciting production to his latest electro-pop single

Faux Canada - 'Projector'

US outfit take us back to the 00s indie sound with this loveable garage-rock release

Jackson James Smith - 'Trying'

Australian singer-songwriter brings out his anthemic side on this rousing new release

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