Benbo - 'F This'

UK indie-punks share their latest blistering new release

Water Slice - 'Dream State'

LA-outfit deliver a fine slice of California soul on this sunset-inspired single

TyC - 'Get To Know Ya Feat. Nerose'

American producer shares a brilliantly forward-thinking RnB release

Malika - 'I Live'

British RnB singer channels the 90s sound on her latest single

The Attic Sleepers - 'Berlin'

Danish indie outfit share their latest transportive dream-like release

Living Dead Girl - 'Still Life'

UK outfit take a jazz-inspired direction on the trip-hop sound

Weslee - 'Bathwater'

Electro-pop duo deliver a incredibly likable pop record

Michael Rogel - 'Street Night'

US producer shares a wonderfully progressive electro beat

NAH. - 'Take Me Home'

Washington DC-based indie-rockers deliver a brilliantly stellar power ballad

Europaweite Aussichten - 'Calm The Waves'

German producer take inspiration from John Carpenter's scores on this 80s-influnced release

Niagara Moon - 'Culture Loses To The Dollar'

US indie-popper delivers a quaint and chipper summer anthem

Temporary Hero - 'Can I Kiss You Now?'

US frontman channels his inner romantic on this laid-back rhythm

Earl & the Love Dove - 'Product Of Condition'

Californian indie-rockers share a taste of the beach life on this fuzzy banger

spencer regan. - 'own wave.'

US rapper gives us a glimpse of the more emotional side of hip-hop on his latest single

Shao Jean & Leyeux - 'Patience'

A pair of US singer-songwriters come together for this blissful take on the ethereal-acoustic direction

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