Tatum - 'Broken'

South African frontwoman introduces herself with this dark and brooding alt-pop gem, with shades of Billie Eilish

The Lagoons - 'Give It Up For Love'

US outfit bring the same pulsing sound as Glass Animals to this catchy disco-inspired bop

The Moving Stills - 'Stick Around'

Australian outfit bring the same euphoric vibes as Sea Girls to this soaring indie-rock stunner

Spacey Jane - 'Head Cold'

Australian outfit preview their debut album with this breezy and jangled indie-rock jam, with hints of Car Seat Headrest

GEIZ - 'Diamond Devils'

New York-based outfit bring the same sweeping vibes as Tame Impala to their latest psych-pop swoon

Jordan Mackampa - 'Parachutes'

British frontman returns with a wonderfully smooth slice of soul-infused indie-pop

Arctic Turn - 'Concession Speech'

British outfit channel the atmospheric nature of Radiohead for this brooding alt-rock release

Margø - 'Someday'

Canadian frontwoman takes her cues from MØ with this bright and vibrant alt-pop banger

Scientists Of Sound - 'Dark Side Of The Room'

Canadian outfit follow in the footsteps of Depeche Mode with this dark and pulsing electro-rock stomper

TGC - 'Bad Side'

Norwegian frontwoman takes her cues from Aurora with this bold and lofty alt-pop gem

MXMS - 'Death Row'

US outfit take their cues from Billie Eilish with this dark and brooding alt-pop thumper

El Lago - 'Room To Room'

US outfit bring the same shoegaze influences as Slowdive to their latest sweeping single

Niki Moss - 'Standing In The Dark II'

Portuguese frontman showcases his new EP with this smooth and ethereal alt-pop swoon

Davis Sandlin - 'The Payment'

US frontman brings the same driven sound as The War On Drugs to his latest indie-rock delight

Inspired & The Sleep - 'Big Wide World'

US outfit take influence from The 1975 for this bright and uplifting indie-pop release

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