ashrr - 'Medicine Man'

US frontman rekindles the dark sound of David Bowie on this awe-inspiring release

Rees Finley - 'Reckless'

US frontman blends 90s pop-punk with modern pop on this bouncing new release

Teischa - 'Before'

Australian frontwoman channels the ethereal energy of London Grammar on this cool and smooth new jam

Priest - 'Lost Lions'

US frontwoman previews her new EP with this power pop release, channeling Charli XCX

WILLIAM. - 'Behave'

British frontman returns with another empassioned indie-rock swoon

Aaron Marco - 'Maybe This Is Love'

US frontman channels some true soul on this Sampha-inspired serenade

Happy Sometimes - 'Heartbreaker'

US frontwoman lets out her anthemic side with this bold and pulsing power ballad

Skin Mag - 'Tonight Show'

US outfit get woozy on this dreamlike, psych-rock jam, with nods to Tame Impala

Betablock3r - 'Make You Happy'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Chromeo with this pounding electro-pop anthem

Hudson Scott - 'Triangle'

London-based frontman channels his inner groove on this brass-filled, bass-driven release

Ole Anders Walseth - 'Sachenring Trabant'

Norwegian frontman takes his cues from the 90s rock sound on this thundering new single

Listen To Leena - 'Will I?'

Austrian frontwoman brings some brreakbeat influences to her latest future-pop jam

Sleeping Lion - 'Easy For You'

US duo channel the current trend of popular future-pop acts with this euphoric new jam

Sabiyha - 'Five Months'

British singer-songwriter unveils her incredible voice on this stripped-back serenade

Alex Hedley - 'Poor Soul'

British frontman brings some serious passion to his anthemic, acoustic-led banger

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