Australian frontwoman previews her new EP with this sweet and sultry RnB jam

Mark Angels - 'Climax'

London-based frontman blends some eccentric production into his latest RnB groove

Jack Frost - 'Undercover'

New York-based frontman lets his emotions shine through on this thunderous pop anthem

Vineyard Cries - 'Holes'

London-based MC brings a taste of Britpop to his latest hip-hop release

Echo Me - 'Solid Sleep'

Danish frontman showcases his latest album with this blissfully wistful new cut, with nods to Jens Lakeman

In My Days - 'Counting Up The Nights'

German outfit channel the anthemic sound of The 1975 with this upbeat pop-rock thumper

Christoffer Berg - 'Infiltrator'

Danish frontman takes influence from Ben Howard with this bold, groove-filled serenade

Good Days - 'Yellow'

New York-based outfit get woozy on this laid-back and groove-filled indie-rock jam

Charity Shop Pop - 'Always You'

British outfit channel the twinkly guitar sound of The 1975 with this upbeat pop-rock delight

Uncle Frank - 'Hey!'

British outfit take influence from The Black Keys with this stomping, soul-filled thumper

JEFFE - 'Undecided'

Australian outfit bring a thunderous production to their electro-pop direction with this Christine & The Queens-inspired stomper

Party Nails - 'Never Look Again'

US frontwoman returns with this ode to the 80s synthpop sound on her latest release, with hints of Charli XCX

No Alarms - 'Find Me'

US outfit take their cues from Miike Snow on this rich and texured pop-rock groove

Blue Sky Holiday - 'Asleep'

Australian outfit blend electro-pop with a soulful groove on thier latest single, with nods to The Naked & Famous

Fun Lovin' Criminals - 'Daylight'

US trio return with their first single in eight years with this Rowetta-featuring, laid-back groove

Saving Forever - 'Memories'

Chicago-based trio bring the fire with this Fall Out Boy-inspired pop-rock banger

andrews' - 'Lost In The Fire'

US frontman serenades us with this wistful and dreamy alt-pop delight, with nods to How To Dress Well

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