The Missionaries - 'Oh Baby, Baby'

US outfit take influence from the 60s surf-rock sound for this fun and fast-paced new romp

New Age Healers - 'The Souls Of Lost And Found'

US outfit showcase their latest album with this warm and fuzzy shoegaze-inspired groove

Sonic Eater - 'What You Are'

British singer-songwriter delivers a warm and wistful acoustic-led serenade, with hints of Conor Oberst

Lucky Shrimp - 'Cruel2U'

British outfit preview their new album with this bold and anthemic alt-rock belter

Laville - 'The Truth'

British frontman previews his debut album with this soulful and euphoric swoon, with nods to Sampha

HAELIUM - 'Floating Shape'

French producer takes his cues from Flying Lotus for this warped and ethereal new release

Flora Hibberd - 'In Violence'

Paris-based frontwoman brings the same atmospheric tones as Cate Le Bon to her latest sweeping single

Marble Arch - 'Moonstruck'

Parisian frontman takes influence from the shoegaze and psych-pop sound for this woozy new jam

Ed Waaka - 'War On The Street'

New Zealand-based frontman channels some serious soul for this brass-filled new groove

Dylan Perkons - 'Desert Island'

Canadian singer-songwriter takes his upbeat tones from The Lumineers for this foot-stomping folk belter

Honey Made - 'Perfect Getaway'

Austin-based outfit crack out the brass for this broad and euphoric neo-soul jam

Dear Brother - 'Pale Of Memory'

London-based outfit return with a soft and swooning acoustic-led ballad

HOFFEY - 'Alive'

Vancouver-based duo unleash a bold and exciting electro-pop release, filled with a warped atmosphere

Maven Grace - 'Me Vs. The Volcano'

British outfit return with a delightfully wistful and dreamy alt-pop groove, with shades of Slowdive

Quest - 'Fanturinn'

Icelandic outfit bring the funk for this 80s-inspired slice of uplifting electro-pop

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