BOGA - 'What Do You Say'

Electronic trip-hoppers bring out their ethereal side in this slice of synth-led bliss

Jhyve - 'Feel Something'

Canadian frontman channels Frank Ocean on his latest release

Me Not You - 'Julia'

New York's answer to Garbage share their latest huge-sounding release

Cub Sport - 'O Lord'

Australian dream-rockers share a harmonious and humble new single

Will Helms - 'Time / Space In The Fractures'

Dutch songwriter shares a deep and progressive post-rock-inspired release

Halina Rice - 'KWYMO'

London-based producer delivers a stunning piece of electro-inspired pop in the style of Goldfrapp

Jesse Frye - 'Honey'

Upcoming vocalist shares an uplifting slice of power-pop

Tieran - 'Side To Side'

US rapper gives us a taste of his personal beliefs on this heavy beat

Andreas Moe - 'Something Right'

Swedish singer-songwriter brings out his sultry guitar licks on this romantic release

Brother Cephus - 'Toxic Slip'

US lo-fi outfit deliver a humble slice of Americana on this laid-back rhythm

JAC - '3-6-5'

High-energy pop singer gives us a anthemic, electro-influenced new single

JS - 'East'

Australian producer brings a solid bounce to this incredibly catchy production

Sancii - 'Night All Day Feat. Wetty'

French producer cacthes the dancehall bug with this dancefloor-ready banger

J.O. - 'Forever'

US rapper takes his cues from the funk era for this retro-rap hybrid

Wolfy - 'Solid Gold (feat. Ren Farren and Katie Skene)'

Californian singer-songwriter takes her cues from Haim on this catchy pop-rock ditty

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