Moonlight Zoo - 'Wild'

British outfit keep the spirits high with this ultra-glossy pop-rock anthem

She Drew The Gun - 'Resister Reprise'

British outfit continue their upward ascent with this bold and anthemic alt-rock thumper, taken from their forthcoming new album

Johnny Kills - 'Seems'

British outfit channel the woozy pop-rock sound of Weezer on this blistering new single

Bridges - 'Maths, Science & English'

British outfit preview their new EP with this anthemic, Joy Formiable-inspired banger

WHSTLE - 'Fool For Love'

US trio channel the anthemic nature of Florence & The Machine on their latest release

Road Kahan - 'Close'

Dutch producer reminds us of summer sunsets with this beautifully chilled new release

Dangermaker - 'Pressure'

US outfit take their euphoric indie-pop cues from The Killers on this uplifting new single

Lapel - 'Summer Vacation'

US frontwoman takes her sultry cues from Kali Uchis on this psychedelic and soulful romp

Jeen - 'Jungle'

Canadian frontwoman returns with another grunge-filled yet progressive jam, taken from her forthcoming new album

Party Nails - 'I Go To You'

LA-based frontwoman sweeps us off our feet with this hearfelt, acoustic-led serenade

Major Love - 'Toughen Up'

Canadian outfit return with another wonderfully euphoric indie-rock jam, filled with sultry guitar licks

Love, Abbey - 'Winter Air'

US outfit bring the same sultry vibes as Lana Del Rey to this stomping indie-pop delight

Kallblod - 'Bone & Cream'

Swedish outfit channel the swooning indie sound of Blur on their latest release

Django Django - 'Swimming At Night'

Scottish outfit preview their new EP with this uplifting art-pop delight

Dresage - 'Dinners At Home'

US frontwoman takes her power-pop cues from Paramore on this anthemic new release

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