Lashes - 'Treason'

Australian frontwoman introduces herself with this dark and pulsing slice of electro-pop, with shades of Lorde

Gareth Inkster - 'Back Here Again'

Canadian singer-songwriter brings the same soaring tones as Bon Iver to his latest release

AAGAARD - 'Don't Take Me Home'

Danish producer takes his cues from Jordan Rakei with this smooth and blissful new release

Jamey Cummins - 'Make Me An Offer'

US frontman takes influence from The Strokes with this fast-paced and energetic blues-rock jam

Glowie - 'Cruel'

Icelandic frontwoman brings the same lofty tones as Banks to her latest alt-pop belter

44 Ardent - 'F i r e s'

Australian artist takes influence from James Blake with this smooth yet powerful electronic groove

Rum Buffalo - 'Dark Mountain'

British outfit crack out the brass for this bold and vibrant blues-rock-inspired stomper

Suzie Stapleton - 'Blood On The Windscreen'

Brighton-based frontwoman takes influence from PJ Harvey with this dark and brooding alt-rock belter

John McCabe - 'Here Comes The Rain'

US frontman takes his cues from Pixies with this bright and moving indie-rock jam

Dana Gavanski - 'Small Favours'

Canadian frontwoman previews her debut album with this bright and uplifting indie-rock groove

Dead Emerson - '24'

US frontman brings the same atmospheric tones as King Krule to his latest brooding indie-rock banger

Wes Reeve - 'Flowers In My Hair'

US frontwoman delivers a bright and softly sweet alt-pop swoon, with nods to Fiona Apple

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