Press Club - 'Headwreck'

Australian outfit get raucous with this thunderous and brash indie-punk thumper

More Giraffes - 'AOP'

LA-based duo showcase their new EP with this delightfully bubbling electro-pop delight

Galaa - 'Ender'

Canadian outfit take influence from Little Dragon for this swelling and swooning electro-pop groove

Byland - 'Albuquerque'

US outfit showacse their debut album with this bold and atmopsheric indie-rock swoon

Rambo - 'This And That'

LA-based producer gets experimental with this exciting and diverse electronic beat

Lost Woods - 'My Amazon'

Australian outfit keep the vibes high with this upbeat and energetic pop-rock toe-tapper

TORK - 'Bleeding Palms'

Australian trio channel the 90s grunge sound of The Smashing Pumpkins with this thunderous alt-rock anthem

Moonroof - 'Honey Honey'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Foals with this little and airy indie-pop jam

Yaeger - 'I Need A.'

Swedish frontwoman brings an uplifting vibe to her latest electro-pop release, with nods to Sigrid

TALOS - 'See Me'

Irish outfit return with another bold and anthemic pop-rock thumper, with hints of Kodaline

Chris Jobe - 'Lonely Lives'

US frontman brings some exciting and eccentric production to his latest electro-pop stomper

NONN - 'Clear'

Swedish outfit crack out the killer riffs for this post-punk-inspired thumper, with nods to The Soft Moon

My Tribe Your Tribe - 'Kiteboard Jukebox Video Days'

Irish outfit preview their debut album with this Tame Impala-inspired psych-rock groove

Conrad The Third - 'Don't'

Toronto-based frontman channels some serious soul with this smooth and warm RnB-inspired jam

KOATES - 'The Right Place'

London-based trio continue their pursuit in wistful indie-rock with their latest uplifting single

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