Gomo Park - 'Babylon Baby'

German instrumental outfit deliver a techno-filled stomper, inspired by Kraftwerk

No No Yeah Okay - 'Make Believe'

US electro-pop outfit return with chilled-out banger, and some strong synth-based production

Hive Riot - 'Lovers In Outer Space'

US electro-pop duo give the 80s synth sound a contemporary twist on their latest banger

Limbo Monaco - 'Parallel'

Canadian outfit channel the same ethereal vibe as Radiohead on their latest single

Pear Moth - 'Forgetful 2'

US outfit bring some funk to the conventional indie sound on this groove-lauded release

Dante - 'Song'

British outfit rekindle the poetic sound of Idlewild on this wistful indie-rock anthem

Hillström & Billy - 'Prove'

Swedish outfit preview new album with a swooning indie-pop anthem

Regards Coupable - 'Infinito' (ft. Lulannie)

French outfit deliver a progressive electro-pop release, with nods to Robyn and MGMT

Orange Glow - 'Caramel Sunlight'

Dutch post-rockers add a psychedelic edge as they preview their third studio album

Percival Elliott - 'Forever'

British duo take on the indie-folk direction of Passenger for their latest single

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