Tanjier - 'Hymn'

Irish shoegazers channel the alt-pop sound of Everything Everything on this blissful release

Callum Pitt - 'Rabbits'

British singer-songwriter unleashes a wave of melodies with his latest slow-burning release

Whales & This Lake - 'Something In Your Grass'

Norwegian producer takes an Empire Of The Sound vibe and strips it down to slow, throbbing rhythm

Silent Strike - 'The Edge'

Romanian producer brings us a warped yet ethereal work for his latest release

Dresage - 'Renaissance'

American frontwoman channels the soul of classic divas for this dreamlike new release

Sure Sure - 'Hands Up Head Down'

Indie-rock outfit deliver a woozy stomper for their latest release

Teenage Love - 'Sweaterface'

Electro-pop duo deliver a quirky and loveable slice of glossy pop fun

wxk - 'Matchstick Men'

Australian rapper delivers a piano-led beat in homage to the classic hip-hop sound

Max Styler ft. CXLOE - 'Secrets'

US producer teams up with CXLOE for this bouncing and bass-heavy electro-pop riff

We Are Charlie - 'New Camera'

South African indie outfit preview their new EP with this toe-tapping new jam

Jerome Thomas - 'The Stone'

British vocalist croons his way through this dream-like RnB jam

Men I Trust - 'Tailwhip'

Canadian synth-pop trio deliver a disco-infused jam with a dream-like intention

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - 'Still No' ft. Trim

Australian producer takes on the underground garage sound for his latest brooding banger

Hunter DeBlanc - 'When The Sun Goes Down'

US singer-songwriter shares an uplifting indie-pop cut from his debut EP

Josh Michaels - 'Like The Rest'

US singer-songwriter gets romantic with this progressive pop-ballad

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