TOUCAN - 'Another Lover'

Irish outfit bring the same uplifting vibe as Foster The People to their latest indie-pop thumper

Stray Fossa - 'It's Nothing'

US outfit follow up their latest EP with this blissful and sweeping dream-pop swoon

Good Lekker - 'Save Me'

Australian outfit preview their new EP with this bright and psychedelic pop-rock stomper, with nods to Kasabian

Alice Auer - 'Shadow'

British frontwoman takes influence from Jordan Rakei for this smooth and sweeping neo-soul croon

James Deacon - 'HERO aka Rich'

South African frontman follows up his latest EP with this bold and explosive new belter, with nods to Lewis Capaldi

STINAKO - 'Kuu nousee tänäkin yönä'

Finnish frontwoman unveils a beautifully sweeping and ethereal piano-led swoon

Carmen - 'Tell Me'

London-based frontwoman blends RnB and hip-hop on this wonderfully soulful new single

Alexa Shoen - 'Better Kisser'

San Diego-based frontwoman delivers a bold and uplifting slice of swing-inspired soul

Curves - 'World Of Pain'

Australian outfit pay homage to the 80s post-punk sound with this brooding yet euphoric new release

Ellen Krauss - 'The Wedding'

Swedish frontwoman showcases her new EP with this bright and uplifting acoustic-led swoon

Pablo Paddy - 'Need To Know'

Canadian frontman brings the same pulsing sound as The Black Keys to this lo-fi blues-rock delight

Tuff Sunshine - 'Sunday Means Snakes'

New York-based outfit take influence from the retro Britpop sound with this pounding and anthemic new release

Birdriot - 'Wanna Go'

Vancouver-based producer unveils this beautifully sleek and euphoric electro-pop groove

Wajatta - 'Don't Let Get You Down'

US production outfit preview their next album with this bright and blissful electronic single, with shades of Caribou

COMPANION - 'If You Were Poison'

British outfit introduce themselves with this warm and wistful, Oh Wonder-inspired debut

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