Aidan & The Wild - 'Going Home'

Dutch outfit take their cues from Mumford & Sons for this galloping folk-pop release

The Francos - 'King Of The Hill'

Australian indie-rock outfit return with another groove-laided toe-tapper

Brunettes Shoot Blondes - 'Nothing At All'

Ukrainian indie-electro outfit return with another upbeat and danceable ditty

Lee Smythe - 'Of Dreams'

US frontman adds some swing to his latest indie-folk release

idntrmmbr. - 'Brazy'

US producer returns with another gloriously glitchy, hip-hop-inspired beat

Thin Atlas - 'State Of Emergency'

US outfit merge indie-rcok with a soulful edge on this swooning new release

Michael Rogel - 'Fear'

US producer shares a wonderfully brooding and powerful electro-release, with nods to Prodigy and Nero

Kyle Lionheart - 'Sweet Girl'

Australian singer-songwriter delivers a brilliantly catchy, acoustic-led anthem

The Great Escape - 'Season Of Love'

US outfit take their cues from Sia on this wonderfully upbeat, festive release

Goodfight - 'Lucy'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Los Campesinos on this brilliantly joyful new single

Squaring Circles - 'Unknowing'

Australian outfit rekindle the ethereal magic of Radiohead on this funk-filled new cut

Edjacated Phools - 'Lost My Stash'

US outfit take inspiration from the ska vibe of Sublime on this energetic new release

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