Jacko Hooper - 'Why I'm Here At All'

British singer-songwriter takes influence from Ben Howard with this sweeping lo-fi single

Fox Royale - 'Out Of My Hands'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Vampire Weekend with this light and uplifting indie-pop delight

As We Leave - 'Stories We Tell'

Isle Of Wight-based outfit deliver a wonderfully smooth and sweeping slice of dream-pop

Darren Jessee - 'Along The Outskirts'

US frontman takes his cues from The War On Drugs with this smooth and laid-back indie-rock croon

Seraphina Simone - 'Hollywood $$$'

London-based frontwoman cracks out the thunderous drums for this pounding alt-pop jam

Tony Sergi - 'Love To Give'

Australian frontman serenades us with this smooth and breezy pop-rock swoon

BMike - 'Real'

North American-based rapper brings some serious fire to this hyped-up hip-hop belter

Matt Corby - 'Vitamin'

Australian frontman keeps it vibrant on this smooth and summery neo-soul delight

Miguelionx - 'Voices'

US frontman brings a sense of darkness to his latest bold and progressive neo-soul single

Mines Falls - 'Red Moon, Car Wreck'

US outfit preview their new album with this broad and sweeping, Radiohead-inspired gem

The Paper Kites - 'For All You Give' ft. Lucy Rose

Australian outfit collaborate with British singer-songwriter on this soft and sweeping acoustic affair

Syrup - 'Sun'

Australian outfit keep the summer alive on this bright and upbeat indie-pop delight

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