Born Animal - '15 Seconds'

US outfit bring some bright and thunderous energy to this fun-loving blues-rock belter

Pink Skies - 'Silver Surfer'

US outfit follow in the footsteps of Tame Impala with this bright and psychedelic new single

[ K S R ] - 'Last Lap'

Manchester-based frontman takes his cues from Loyle Carner with this warm and inviting RnB-inspired release

BornByMan - 'Deep Within' ft. Long Brewed T

Danish producer channels the 80s synthwave sound with this sweeping electro-pop offering

Parallax Skies - 'By The Time'

Newcastle-based outfit deliver a bold and euphoric slice of psychedelic indie-rock, with hints of Echo & The Bunnymen

Link Lewis - 'I.N.V.U.'

British frontman cracks out the brass for this warm and ethereal RnB-inspired gem

Stevie Zita - 'Lost In Bruges'

Canadian frontman returns with another light and breezy psych-pop jam, with hints of Mac DeMarco

Moody Mourad - 'Leave Me Alone'

US outfit channel the early Arctic Monkeys for this bold and pulsing indie-rock groove

Jacqueline Tucci - 'Fear'

Canadian frontwoman previews her new EP with this warm and woozy indie-rock jam, with hints of Courtney Barnett

Marlin's Dreaming - 'Outwards Crying'

New Zealand-based outfit bring the same lofty tones as Slowdive for this bold and blissful shoegaze-inspired belter

Busty And The Bass - 'Clouds' ft. Amber Navran

Canadian outfit take their cues from Anderson .Paak with this broad and ethereal neo-soul gem

Theo Sayers - 'My Nose Is A Little Runny'

British frontman channels the irreverent feel of Sleaford Mods on this catchy new single

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