Deportees - 'Time Is The Tiger'

Swedish trio preview their next EP with this bold and anthemic indie-rock belter

MOZAÍK - 'My Time'

Danish frontwoman channels the powerful pop sound of Robyn for this bold and bouncing new release

Mirage Club - 'Communication'

French outfit bring the funk on this disco-inspired electro-pop belter, with hints of Daft Punk

Milk & Bone x Alex Lustig - 'Peaches'

Canadian outfit deliver a wonderfully dreamy electro-pop stomper, with nods to the 80s synthwave sound

Anna & The Sea - 'Will You Let Me Wear Your Shirt Tonight'

Stockholm-based frontwoman serenades us with this blissful and romantic piano-led ballad

Saint Mars - 'Loveghost' ft. Alonestar & Tryzdin

British outfit blend hip-hop with a strong and progressive blues-rock-inspired base on this genre-mashing jam

MovaKween - 'Body'

US frontwoman takes her experimental cues from FKA Twigs on this warped and eccentric new swoon

Lucy Lu - 'Crucial'

London-based producer brings an eclectic side to the neo-soul sound on this jazz-inspired groove

KIAN - 'Waiting'

Australian frontman returns with another soaring and sweeping lo-fi serenade, with hints of Alt-J

Jordan Rakei - 'Say Something'

New Zealand-based frontman previews his next album with this rich and soulful new jam

Feet - 'Ad Blue'

British outfit preview their debut album with this fun, Talking Heads-inspired indie-rock romp

Hildur - 'Woman At War'

Icelandic frontwoman returns with another bold and glittering electro-pop belter

Elkvilla - 'Sink'

Australian singer-songwriter delivers a wonderfully blissfull acoustic-led serenade, with nods to Damien Rice

Giuseppe Lanni - 'Sakura'

Canadian producer introduces himself with this smooth and laid-back trip-hop-inspired debut

Neak - 'Elevation Everything'

US rapper showcases his latest album with this strong, Kendrick Lamar-inspired flow

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