Easymess - 'Walk'

London-based singer-songwriter takes influence from James Bay for this warm and wistful acoustic-led serenade

Jamws - 'Kismet'

London-based producer brings the same laid-back vibe as Metronomy to his latest single

FRANKIIE - 'Compare'

Canadian outfit preview their next album with this bold and vibrant indie-rock belter

Hello Victim - 'Feel Slow'

Canadian outfit deliver a wonderfully warm and uplifting indie-pop swoon, with hints of Superorganism

Vaughan - 'Living People'

British singer-songwriter channels the soft tones of RY X for this sweeping piano-led serenade

Fancy Feelings - 'Summer Of Love' ft. Lenka

US duo showcase their latest EP with this sun-kissed and disco-infused new jam

Geena Fontanella - 'TRIP'

LA-based frontman takes her cues from Sigrid with this stomping electro-pop banger

Jade Monet - 'A Type'

Canadian frontwoman brings the same soothing RnB vibe as Solange to her latest release

J. Human - 'Nameless'

US frontman adds a contemporary touch to this classic funk-inspired belter, with nods to Anderson .Paak

Calson - 'The Night Sky Is Telling U Something'

US frontman brings the same lofty, sun-kissed tones as Steve Lacy to his latest laid-back single

Phantogram - 'Into Happiness'

US outfit return with a bold and euphoric alt-pop belter, with hints of Warpaint

Old Smile - 'Unwinding'

US singer-songwriter channels the same laid-back vibe as Mac DeMarco for this sweeping new release

Caracol - 'Flooded Field'

Canadian frontwoman blends indie-pop sonics with a hip-hop beat on this fresh and uplifting new jam

Perfect Blue - 'Wicked'

Chicago-based outfit introduce themselves with this smooth and euphoric indie-rock groove

Arete - 'Trip'

US frontwoman follows in the footsteps of St. Vincent with this pounding electro-pop stunner

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