Sam McIntire - 'Lately'

US frontman takes his bluesy cues from The Black Keys for this riff-filled, indie-rock jam

Mechanical Roots - 'Day Dream'

US outfit crack out the killer riffs for this Foo Fighters-inspired alt-rock stomper

Wilder Woods - 'Light Shine In'

US frontman strips back the opener to his debut album, leaving a beautifully crisp new swoon

BUHU - 'All Eye'

US frontman shares a blissful and post-punk-inspired slice of psych-pop, with hints of Animal Collective

The Dreamland Fire - 'Whispers'

US outfit channel the wistful and uplifting sound of Arcade Fire for their latest wind-swept single

Mike Liegel - 'Baddest Behavior'

US frontman gets our toes tapping with this fresh and bouncing pop-rock jam

E. Alvin - 'Highnote'

US frontman takes influence from The Weeknd with this smooth and sultry RnB-inspired groove

Big Still - 'All Your Light'

San Francisco-based frontman previews his debut album with this Shins-inspired indie-rock groove

Paragon Cause - 'Save Me'

Canadian outfit preview their new EP with this bold and fuzzy shoegaze-inspired stomper

Jaguar Jonze - 'Beijing Baby'

Australian frontwoman channels the dark indie-rock vibe of The Dead Weather with this pulsing new groove

Sonic Break - 'Collide'

Canadian outfit blend the tenacity of Imagine Dragons with a more pop-rock direction on their latest release

Telescreen - 'Growing Pains'

Melbourne-based outfit preview their debut EP with this pulsing and soaring alt-rock jam

Kilns - 'So Close'

Australian outfit take their cues from Courtney Barnett with this woozy and jangled indie-rock belter

Fulton Lee - 'Call You Mine'

US frontman aims to keep our spirits high with this euphoric, Vampire Weekend-inspired gem

Arthrn - 'j'parle plus'

French producer unveils a swelling and progressive trip-hop-inspired instrumental, with hints of Lemon Jelly

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