Fosternicole - 'Runaway'

US duo channel the same offbeat sound as Charli XCX for this pulsing alt-pop belter

Frogi - 'Moonlight'

US frontwoman takes influence from Haim with this bright and upbeat pop-rock gem

Corlyx - 'Twist Like An Animal'

British outfit bring the same tenacity as Nine Inch Nails to this electro-grunge thumper

Elmer & The Ceramic Trees - 'California On A Toothpick'

US frontman showcases his latest album with this smooth and pulsing David Bowie-esque release

Honest Men - 'My Mind'

US outfit aim for the same lofty pop-rock sound as The 1975 on their pounding new single

Belle Sonder - 'Combust'

Norwegian outfit preview their debut album with this dark and brooding alt-rock groove, with shades of Nick Cave

Dance The Misery - 'Dairy Queen'

Nashville-based outfit serenade us with this wistful and groove-laden alt-rock croon

Dearly Beloved - 'Race To The Bottom'

Canadian outfit unleash a wild and tenacious slice of alt-rock, with hints of Sonic Youth

NOA - 'Caught Up'

Toronto-based frontwoman brings the same warped RnB vibe as Kali Uchis to her latest laid-back groove

ODDNOTE - 'My Little Lady'

Nashville-based outfit channel the thunderous vibe of Royal Blood for this riff-heavy, alt-rock stomper

Julian Daniel - 'Lemon Tree'

Toronto-based frontman takes influence from Of Monsters And Men for this light and upbeat electro-pop jam

Wyatt Blair - 'Cherry Rose'

US frontman brings back that classic rock sound with this Thin Lizzy-inspired belter

Stolen Jars - 'Ghost Towns'

US outfit bring the same irreverence as Dirty Projectors to their latest alt-pop gem

Seersha - 'Changes'

US frontwoman unveils a beautifully airy and sweeping ethereal groove, with nods to The Japanese House

Jess Chalker - 'Dance In The Rain'

British frontwoman takes influence from the nostalgic sound of Blondie for this 80s-inspired pop-rock delight

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