Kyson - 'After The Rain'

Australian frontman blends the otherworldly sound of Bon Iver with harsh electronics for his latest release

Laureli - 'Throes Of Fire'

US frontwoman breathes life into this sweeping and airy alt-pop swoon, with hints of Imogen Heap

Raymond Revel - 'Into The Light'

US singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful, Conor Oberst-inspired swoon

Shy FX - 'Original Nuttah 25'

British producer revamps his classic junglist release, with a special cameo from Idris Elba

KHASMA - 'Wildfire'

Swiss outfit bring the same uplifting pop as Sigrid to their latest electro-pop thumper

Dayton James - 'Change My Ways'

British frontman introduces himself with this warm and warped RnB-inspired debut

Charlee Remitz - 'Portland'

US singer-songwriter takes her cues from Maggie Rogers with this bold and upbeat pop beauty

Jordan Krimston - 'Need You When You're Gone'

US frontman introduces himself with this quirky and irreverent psych-rock jam, with hints of The Strokes

Trila - 'DoubleTap'

US outfit channel the pop-rock sound of early The 1975 for this fresh and uplifting groove

Tessella - 'By The Way'

Australian outfit deliver a beautifully dreamy slice of dream-pop, with shades of Shallou

Alicia Enstrom - 'Half Moon'

US frontwoman showcases her new EP with this blissful swooning alt-pop croon, with nods to Bjork

URL - 'Roses' ft. middlenamered

Orlando-based frontman takes influence from Mac DeMarco with this chilled and warped release

Our Ithaca Creek - 'You're Still Mine'

Australian outfit channel influence from the classic rock sound for this bold and uplifting indie-rock belter

The Million - 'Somebody Better'

Australian outfit bring the same psychedelic tones as Glass Animals to their latest indie-pop gem

Joel Ansett - 'Toward The Pain'

US singer-songwriter showcases his new album with this fresh and vibrant Ben Howard-inspired serenade

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