Andreas Moe - 'Out Of Your Body'

Swedish singer-songwriter brings some pace and energy to his latest pop-rock jam, with nods to The War On Drugs

Space Zen - 'Meteor Shower'

Israeli outfit add a touch of the blues to their latest indie-rock groove, with hints of The Black Keys

Jordan Silver - 'After A Response Like That'

New York-based singer-songwriter serenades us with this smooth and blissful new swoon

Delanila - 'Time Slips Away'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Portishead for this dark and ethereal trip-hop-inspired release

Plastic Mermaids - 'Taxonomy'

British outfit showcase their debut album with this warped and experimental psych-rock jam

Mlady - 'You'll Be Happy'

US outfit take influence from Phoebe Bridger for this sweet and uplifting country-inspired single

WALK3R - 'Year Of The Dog'

US frontman takes the sonic style of Prince and adds his own flair for this alt-pop groove

MOYOGI - 'Felicity'

Hungarian outfit return with another warm and wisftul alt-rock gem, with nods to Radiohead

Social Robot - 'Cut Of The Wood'

US outfit showcase their debut album with this smooth and sweeping pop-rock delight, with hints of The 1975

Neon Guava - 'Little White Lies'

Texas-based frontman takes us on a soaring journey with his latest uplifting chillwave release

Jaela DeShazo - 'On The Brink'

US frontwoman previews her debut EP with this bold and pounding alt-pop groove

Vanilla Moon - 'Retro Spaceships'

Australian outfit blend the woozy sound of Mac DeMarco with a disco rhythm for their latest upbeat jam

Fond Of Rudy - 'Singapore'

British outfit channel the vibrant indie-pop sound of Two Door Cinema Club for their latest belter

Liam Duncan - 'Can't Stop Calling You Baby'

Canadian frontman brings the same emotive sound as The War On Drugs to his latest pop-rock gem

Franc Cinelli - 'Horses'

British singer-songwriter takes influence from Tom Petty for this sweeping acoustic-led serenade

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