Them Apples - 'April Already'

Norwegian frontman brings a broad and psychedelic edge to his latest indie-rock single

Michael Blakeman - 'Brazier To The Lake'

Perth-based frontman takes influence from Depeche Mode for this dark, post-punk-inspired stomper

Bellflower - 'Upside Down'

Canadian outfit bring a jazz influence to their latest sweeping and moving indie-rock belter

Secret Shame - 'Gift'

US outfit take influence from Warpaint with this fast-paced, post-punk-inspired thumper

Dylan Perkons - 'Black And Blue'

Canadian singer-songwriter delivers a warm and uplifting indie-rock croon, with nods to Elbow

Hanne Hukkelberg - 'Catch Me If You Can'

Norwegian frontwoman showcases her latest album with this diverse, Tune-Yards-inspired jam

Palm Haze - 'Second Round'

Canadian outfit channel the darker vibe of Massive Attack with this brooding trip-hop-inspired groove

Matthew Squires - 'Visions Of America'

US frontman previews his next album with this bold and uplifting Ben Folds-inspired release

LIA - 'To The Woods'

Canadian frontwoman brings the same wistful pop sound as Aurora to her latest sweeping single

Miranda Journey - 'Oh My!'

Canadian frontwoman takes cues from Angel Olsen with this energetic indie-rock stomper

Mwahaha - 'Watch It Fall'

US outfit take influence from TV On The Radio with this broad and progressive post-punk groove

Sumif - 'Drink Yours Too'

US frontwoman returns with this bold and uplifting electro-pop groove, with shades of Chvrches

Little Destroyer - 'Head Above Water'

Canadian outfit return with this thunderous and tenacious electro-rock stomper, with nods to Anteros

St Francis Hotel - 'Liar, Liar, Liar' ft. Gaz Coombes

Irish outfit collaborate with the former Supergrass frontman for this grand and psychedelic indie-rock gem

Minthi - 'Stay' ft. Laraw

French producer introduces himself with this bold and enticing electro-pop debut

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